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I help women untangle the knots at work

and in their careers, at all stages.

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75% of executive women experience imposter syndrome.

I’m on a mission to bring that number down.  Want to come along?  

With the right partner, your next chapter can be the one where you share, create, and inspire like you never have before.  

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Can you relate to any of these statements?

  • After an accomplished and driven career thus far, you find yourself unsure what your next chapter looks like.  There’s a restlessness that hasn’t been there before.


  • You have worked for many kinds of managers, but you may have met your match with your current boss. You two are out of sync: you feel micromanaged, or totally on your own.


  • With so much going on, you’re worried you will miss something important. It feels like you are always scurrying to keep up with industry developments and internal politics, but it’s never enough.


  • You lack a confidante with whom you can share what you are really experiencing without feeling too vulnerable or exposed.


  • You feel concerned that you’re not visible enough to the key people who can influence your future success in your organization.


  • Women who report to you have said they do not aspire to your job because it looks a little miserable.  It bothers you, and may even be a business risk, but you aren’t sure what you would change.

This is where I come in…

As a leadership coach, my job is to help you:

  • Make conscious career choices that reflect your values and talents


  • Get your needs met with your boss and other critical internal partners


  • Establish yourself as a thought leader and driver of results in your organization


  • Trust yourself to deliver your best work consistently


  • Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride

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Imagine our work together is complete…

Your path forward is clear and you can’t wait to set out on the next phase of your life adventure.

You have the tools to rise above current challenges and new confidence in your ability to handle future ones too.

You feel at ease and confident in your relationship with your manager and peers.


You are fully present for your team and can give them the kind of coaching and career support they deserve.

The next generation of women aspire to your role and you have played a significant role in showing them the way forward.

"Working with Wendy helped me gain incredible perspective on my work life. On topics ranging from relationships to habits to career path, Wendy gently guided me toward profound insights about how I can grow into a better leader. From those insights, she also offered me simple, effective tools to apply. It was truly mind-boggling the way she was able to shift from big-picture thinking to bespoke, applicable solutions. I will take the insights and ideas that I gained through my work with Wendy with me throughout the rest of my career."

Emily R., Chief of Staff

"My coaching time with Wendy was extraordinarily helpful, giving me direction and clarity during a pivotal time of my career. As I was shifting from a senior business leader in a corporate environment to an executive and leadership entrepreneur, I was feeling burned out and in need of recharging. Wendy assisted me in honing my focus to act in a more conscious and present manner and move toward positive action. It was a gratifying experience having someone who I respect to provide insightful feedback and observations from a lens different from my own. Speaking both personally and professionally, Wendy is an absolute pleasure to work with; she has a good sense of humor and a down-to-earth style. I'm grateful to have met Wendy and am delighted to stay connected with her."

Celia C., Senior Consultant

"Wendy assisted me with coming up with a plan to prioritize what would be most beneficial to me, and more importantly to me, what would be most impactful for my team. What was great about working with Wendy was that she tailored the sessions with how I wanted to work and how I learn best by creating a psychologically safe environment to discuss issues I was having. When I was struggling to come up with solutions and what should be the next steps, Wendy was there to guide me, and help put me back on the right path. Through our sessions, I grew more confident that I could succeed in making this transition in my career, helping to build a stronger team, delegate, and be more at ease with having difficult conversations. My team has also seen the benefits because of my increased confidence, but moreover, I have picked up ways that I can better help my team grow by using some of the methodologies and coaching behaviors that Wendy taught me. Thank you, Wendy, for all that you have done to help me on my new career trajectory."

Tom W., PhD, Group Manager

"I began coaching sessions with Wendy to help me with some longer-term career goals I have set for myself. With a busy job and family life, self-prioritization consistently moved to the bottom of the list and I knew I needed some help if I were ever going to make progress. Wendy was an amazing coach for me. She asked insightful questions meant to promote deep self-exploration aimed at achieving the goals set out at the beginning of our sessions. Additionally, Wendy quickly picked up on nuances in our discussions that led to additional areas of exploration, including pointed questions that surfaced both barriers and opportunities to achieve my goals. Wendy was also expertly adaptive to new avenues to pursue when I was unsure or unable to take a certain theme further. Through coaching with Wendy, I was able to distill important thinking down to identifying small action steps that would move me toward advancing my career goals without them being so big or overwhelming that they never happen. Because of my coaching sessions with Wendy, I am happy to report that I am now on the path and advancing more concretely toward my longer-term career goals. I am deeply grateful to Wendy for her expertise, wonderful coaching ability, and for her empathy."

Kelly D, Associate Dean of Human Resources and Title IX Resource Coordinator