I’m Wendy

My mission is to help executive women lead organizational change and to love the journey.

My Story

At the busiest time of my HR career, I was the unhappiest.  It seemed the company I worked for was undergoing constant change.  As an HR leader, change was what I did.  But I didn’t always feel equipped for the organization’s needs.  

For reasons which now, post-pandemic, elude me completely, my business travel peaked at 75% of the time. 

(As a reminder, I was in HR.  Not Sales.  Right.  OK then.)

My inbox was peaking too.  I continually had over 1500 unread emails and I just couldn’t seem to find a way out from under all those requests and demands.

I was overwhelmed much of the time and every change felt like a brand-new day of firefighting at work.  It didn’t seem like I had learned much from previous experience, or that I was making any progress.

Life at home wasn’t exactly providing a way for me to recharge my batteries.  My husband and I were trying to support an ailing elder who lived some distance away.   

As is often the case, there was a “straw that breaks the camel’s back” kind of moment.  Because, amongst all this swirl, I was also understaffed-dealing with an unexpected leave of absence of one of my team members.  Hanging on by a thread, eagerly awaiting the return of my top performer, I learned she would not be returning after all.  

With the light at the end of my tunnel securely snuffed out, I asked myself, “Now what?”.

How was I going to get my life back on track?  To feel in control? To have the energy to meet the seemingly endless needs of my client groups?

I had previously met a woman through my professional network who was a coach.  I decided to reconnect with her.  Some part of myself understood that I might find coaching helpful, even though, in retrospect, I had no idea what coaching would be like.

The experience of coaching helped me see my situation more objectively, connect with my sense of purpose and commitment at work, and tap into resources and tools that helped me be more effective as the leader I wanted to be.  I saw those demanding change initiatives differently, and the people at work who once served as a constant reminder of my failure felt like my partners once again.  There was joy, satisfaction, and success that had been missing for some time.  

After over a decade working in a corporate environment of rapid change, I turn my professional attention fully to you: a leader charged with daunting changes in your organization.  I made the change to executive coaching to focus on the kind of one-on-one interactions and a framework that I know will bring leaders the kind of transformation they need to succeed in their careers and for their organizations.


What Makes My Coaching Unique?

After over a decade of living and learning in the change management space, I have seen change models and frameworks that provide structure.  But they fall flat because they treat change as a static, linear process.  Change is divergent, fluid, and most of all, human.    

There are plenty of change management consultants to provide strategy and project management tools.  And there are plenty of coaches out there to help you achieve your business and personal objectives.

My coaching focuses on change management not as an abstract construct, but as a dynamic experience led by you and your fellow human beings at work. 

My coaching style is customized to your unique and evolving needs as a leader and person.  The truth is, you don’t need another change management consultant.  You need someone who is in your corner, sees your potential and helps you achieve the outcomes needed by your organization.  All while never losing sight of you has the whole person. 

You were hired to lead your organizational change, but who is there to help ensure you succeed?

My Coaching Style

You will find in me a partner with whom you can be honest, find humor, and move through tough situations with wisdom and power.  I’ll be there to inject inspiration, fun, and fulfillment back into your career journey.

My coaching style is authentic, supportive, open, and geared towards big change through small steps.

For Fun…

When I am not helping leaders navigate big change and loving it, you can find me on  light hikes with my husband Eric and Jack Russell Terrier, Posy, enjoying a meal with friends or knitting up a storm.


  • 10+ years guiding executives through change
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)–certification qualified by completion of an intensive and comprehensive professional coach training program through Institute of Professional Excellence (IPEC), an ICF-accredited organization, the gold standard of coaching
  • COR.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist (CLDS)–an advanced coaching certification program specializing in unique challenges for leaders
  • Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) (IPEC)–an assessment that gives leaders a blueprint for how to become a more effective change leader who deeply understands their team’s (& their own) reaction to change.
  • Master’s Degree in Organizational Development & Communication--an area of study directly connected to change management and driving organizational success 
  • Experience coaching leaders of change at the Director, VP, and SVP levels in industries such as biotech, STEM information, investment banking, higher education, and healthcare

I have coached executives at top companies: