When we are in touch with our everyday brilliance, we step out of our box and into the truest version of ourselves.  We share that brilliance confidently with others and we are empowered to shape the future for ourselves.

The Everyday Brilliance Kickstart offers powerful coaching sessions plus tools to set you off on the right foot towards sharing more of your brilliance and creating the future you desire.


  • Scene-setting call: share with me your story
  • Two coaching sessions to help you Share Your Brilliance and Shape Your Future.  
  • Offline exploration tools to kickstart your way to Everyday Brilliance.

 Come away with:

  • Your own unique Everyday Brilliance profile
  • A simple action plan to keep you focused
  • The confidence, optimism, and clarity to help you write your next chapter.


woman holding sparkler

               The Everyday Brilliance Kickstart is for you if you:

    • Struggle a little (or a lot) with Imposter Syndrome
    • Fail to see how your story or accomplishments are remarkable
    • Feel it’s time for a new chapter in your career but have some “writer’s block”

               and you’d love to:

    • Know when you’re really rocking it
    • Have more of those moments
    • Feel confident in your future direction


Everyday Brilliance Kickstart includes


2 60-minute coaching sessions


Your own "Everyday Brilliance Profile" to help you spot opportunities to shine

Insights that will move you forward and help you grow