Change leader’s pathway to positive impact

Do you secretly wonder how you are going to inspire your team through another big organizational change when you, yourself, feel tired and defeated?

Do you dread or avoid another confrontational conversation with that change resister who just won’t come along for the ride?

Do you lie awake at night worried that you will fail, or worse, that you succeed but completely burn out along the way?

If yes, it’s time to experience the Change Leader’s Pathway to Positive Impact so you can…

  • Learn how to read people more effectively so that your toughest meetings become productive and constructive
  • Find the elusive win-win with your most important change stakeholders, by developing a mindset focused on opportunity
  • Quickly spot when you are sending the wrong signals to your team about your change program, so you can adjust course to set the right tone for your team to succeed.

You’ll have a blueprint for how to become a more effective change leader who deeply understands your team’s (& your own) reaction to change, plus a clear and concrete plan for your very next steps……in 90 minutes.

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The Change Leader’s Pathway to Positive Impact includes:


20-minute online Energy Leadership Index assessment


A 10-page customized report

A 90-minute personal coaching session with Wendy

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment is a Forbes top 10 assessment designed to create attitudinal shifts that unlock real, powerful change. 


  • Learn to shift your own response to stress and set the tone for your team
  • Be more present as a leader
  • Access your inspiration and creativity more often so that you make a difference in your career and with your team
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