pathway to positive impact

“You are responsible for the energy you bring into the room.”  Oprah Winfrey

Ever notice how some people brighten a discussion—inspiring creativity, openness, and sharing–and others drag it down? 

We all bring certain energy with us into our days.  It impacts others and it impacts ourselves. 

But did you know that you can manage it?  You can make choices that shift it in a direction that serves you and improves your leadership?

Are you ready to make the kinds of shifts within that change everything around you?


If yes, it’s time to experience the Pathway to Positive Impact so you can…

  • Guide yourself and your team away from burnout
  • Lead meetings that are inspiring and engaging
  • Respond effectively to challenging situations (and people!)

This is no ordinary leadership assessment!  Pathway to Positive Impact is not about judging your weaknesses or scrutinizing your competency deficiencies. 

 It’s about becoming aware of and leveraging the greatest tool you have: your energy. 

 You’ll come away with a blueprint of how you’re “showing up” in the world and simple tips to increase your energy and be a more powerful, inspiring, and authentic leader. 


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Pathway to Positive Impact includes:


20-minute online Energy Leadership Index assessment


A 10-page customized report

A 90-minute personal coaching session with Wendy

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment is a Forbes top 10 assessment designed to create attitudinal shifts that unlock real, powerful change. 


  • Learn to shift your own response to stress and set the tone for your team
  • Be more present as a leader
  • Access your inspiration and creativity more often so that you make a difference in your career and with your team
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