The Lead and Succeed Through Change coaching package is a customized approach designed to help executive women lead themselves and their teams through rapid and constant organizational change, so that both they and their organizations succeed.  Through powerful reflection and coaching, you will develop an actionable plan, learn to tackle your toughest management issues, deal with “change resisters” without sacrificing your energy and time, and translate those efforts into the career wins that take you to the next level, however you define that for yourself.

You will receive:

  • An actionable plan to tackle your toughest change leadership challenges
  • Techniques and tools to recognize your own energy drains and to respond to others
  • Small and manageable steps to lead you out of overwhelm
  • Six months of weekly or biweekly private coaching calls with Wendy
  • Email access between sessions
  • Judgment-free partnership from a trained professional coach who has seen it all in the change management space of the corporate world.

What set the Lead and Succeed Through Change Package Apart:

  • Expertise–Over a decade working with executives leading change
  • Customized–No two leaders are the same.  Get the support you need for your unique organizational change leadership challenges.
  • In your corner–Coaching centered around the change management process means you have a constant and trusted partner whose only goal is to help you succeed as a leader
  • Tools that bring change management to life–Change management theories and frameworks only take you so far.  Lead and Succeed Through Change helps you with practical application.

The five pillars of the Lead and Succeed Through Change formula are:


Lead Yourself

Leading yourself in the 21st century is about more than being the CEO of your life.  In today’s world of constant change, you need to anchor yourself with a clear sense of your “Why”, as well as your “How”.  Your “Why” is all about your North Star-your purpose in doing what you do.  Your “how” is about how you show up for others, stay present and prioritize and complete tasks with intention.  

  • Refreshing and clarifying your purpose as a leader
  • Show up for people the way you really want to
  • Master prioritization and feel productive at the end of the day


Develop an empowered, engaged, and an accountable team that stays that way even when the going gets rough.  Even the best leaders of the best teams need to stay on top of this.  Energy levels can dip, key team members leave and new members join.  


  • Strategies to effectively collect team input 
  • Deal with the “change resister”
  • Keep the momentum and energy up
  • Best practices to build accountability and trust


Build trust and influence when it matters most with your partners in change.  Whether you’re managing up or working with a partner from another team, learn how to get the most out of these relationships.  Don’t find out the hard way that you failed to nurture an important relationship when someone blocks your idea or passively resists. 

  • Manage up for the best business outcomes
  • Turn stakeholder management into people partnerships
  • Influence when it matters most
  • Build genuine and lasting trust


In today’s world of constant change, there isn’t always an “opt-out” button.  Recent events have shown us that change isn’t always a choice.  Learn valuable techniques to help you find peace, perspective and opportunity.  Without a focus on living in resilience, you may find yourself burned out and negatively impacting yourself and your team.

  • Find and keep your inspiration
  • Put that air mask on first, so you can help others
  • Find freedom from the ”change churn”


If you play your cards right, all the organizational change you are going through can serve your career.  Learn how to leverage change at work to develop and grow your personal brand so you can get and stay in control of your career.

  • Develop your personal brand
  • Get clear on what you really want for your career, today and tomorrow
  • Get seen, and get comfortable with taking credit where it’s due–all while still being the true team player you are