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Harmony Creator

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Your Resilient Leader Profile

As a Harmony Creator, you thrive when you are part of a group that is working well together. You provide what people often need most—a listening ear, a desire to understand, and a willingness to meet people where they are. You are often a calming presence when discussions get heated in meetings.

But you may appreciate harmony so much that you neglect to advocate for your own needs or what you think is the best answer. This can be draining as you try to negotiate with your own feelings without properly addressing them.

Your Best Resilience Strategies

Treat your ideas and feelings with the same care you give to others. In the interest of getting along, you may sacrifice your own ideas and interests. But that may leave you disengaged from the discussion and your team may be missing out on some important ideas. And when it comes to your own interests, consider what you would do if it were one of your employees who had this interest. In that case, you might be more likely to go to bat than you would for yourself. So, imagine that it is one of your employees asking for that raise, flexibility, etc., to muster up a little more energy to advocate for yourself.

Know your shut-down buttons. You may shut down in the face of certain behaviors from others. Become aware of who those people are and how you respond. Consider what qualities they respond well to, be it directness, logic, or inspiring vision. Look for ways to adjust your response in the future, given that understanding.

Look for the helping perspective. As a natural helper, you want to see others do well and get their needs met. But sometimes what’s most helpful isn’t comfortable. If you find yourself shying away from something uncomfortable, consider what would be most genuinely helpful to someone. It may be that uncomfortable conversation will be most helpful to them in the long run.

You have so much to offer as a harmony creator. Being aware of your strengths and gaps is just the beginning of your journey as a resilient leader. Keep an eye on your inbox and I’ll share with you yet more ways to strengthen your resilience so you can sustainably and authentically share your gifts as a leader. May you continue to create beautiful music from the discord around you!

I know that navigating these challenging times as a leader can make you feel a little…

But the good news is…

With a few simple shifts, you can become a truly resilient leader who can give your all, for the long run.  The best is yet to come!

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