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Your Resilient Leader Profile

As a Connector, when the going gets rough, you know how to connect with friends and family to replenish. You probably also can tap easily into your sense of purpose when you need a boost. Your ability to connect with others and generate inspiration towards a bold and beautiful vision

But it can be discouraging when other people don’t see the world as full of possibility. And you may be susceptible to Bright Shiny Object Syndrome, moving on to the next exciting idea and leaving those around you to deal with the hairy problems created by your last one.

Your Best Resilience Strategies

As a Connector, you probably know how to tap into your inspiration and intuition, so for you, resilience is going to be about sustainability and balancing your perspective.

Create a meta-plan. When your next intuitive hit or visionary idea hits, ask yourself what support you need to achieve your great idea. Leave no stone unturned as you think through the people around you, how your idea affects them, and what stumbling blocks need to be addressed. Using a mind map format for this exercise is helpful to get more granular about what is needed to achieve your audacious vision.

Use your emotions productively. You probably don’t have difficulty accessing your emotions and it can seem like what you feel is the Truth. But really, emotions are more like a barometer than a thermometer. Whereas a thermometer objectively gives you the temperature reading, a barometer gives you information about what’s changing in the atmosphere. Your emotions show you what needs to change, like a barometer, as opposed to an objective fact, like the temperature. For example, if you are feeling angry, it doesn’t mean that anger is the only possible result based on your circumstances. Instead, that anger is telling you a need is unmet. Focus on that question and how to meet the need. When you feel a strong emotion, ask what it is telling you rather than what’s causing it.

Try forgiveness. As a connector, you value deep and trusting relationships. If you feel misunderstood or wronged by someone, it may be hard for you to put aside those feelings and move forward. This can eat away at your store of resilience, especially at work where there are so many competing agendas and personalities in the mix. It’s been said that forgiveness is giving up hope of a better past. Shift your perspective away from the wrongdoing and towards what you’ve learned that you can apply to a brighter future.

You have so much to offer as a Connector. Being aware of your strengths and gaps is just the beginning of your journey as a resilient leader. Keep an eye on your inbox and I’ll share with you yet more ways to strengthen your resilience so you can sustainably and authentically share your gifts as a leader. The world needs your vision and deep connecting abilities!

Look, I know that navigating these challenging times as a leader can make you feel a little…

But the good news is…

With a few simple shifts, you can become a truly resilient leader who can give your all, for the long run.  The best is yet to come!

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