Resilient Leadership Group


The world has changed, and with it, the way we work.

How ready do you feel to lead in these extraordinary times?

In today’s world of work, it’s all about leading from the inside out. Your team is highly attuned to your authenticity, your vision, and your commitment to their careers.  

Meanwhile, organizations are asking their leaders to help make their workplaces more inclusive.  But it’s not always clear what that means. 

Being a leader today takes courage, resilience, and integrity.  Together we will make it simpler and equip you with what you need to lead.  The Women in Leadership group provides a perfect blend of training, skill building, coaching, and peer support. 

Ready to rise to the challenge of leadership today?

As a group of no more than 8 participants, we meet biweekly for a brief presentation on a leadership topic, followed by rich discussion, coaching, and commitment to action that supports your growth.

Sample Topics:

  • Finding your values, and value, as a leader
  • Productive conflict with difficult personalities
  • Breaking habits that keep you too busy for strategic work
  • Communicating effectively with executives
  • Negotiation mindset
  • Influencing and connecting across multiple generations
  • Building Psychological Safety and Trust for Middle Managers
  • Effective management of underperformance

What sets this program apart?

Unlike management trainings at work, here you have the time and space to practice new skills with the support of a group learning continually alongside you.  Here, you can be honest and authentic about what holds you back, what frustrates you, and  get personalized tools and attention to help you grow as a leader.  

You can wait to be selected to attend an off-the-shelf leadership program at work (and probably forget what you learn when you get back to your desk).  Or you can take your development into your own hands, and invest in what you really need for your long-term career development.


This group is open to all levels of leaders.  Please request a call with Wendy if you’d like to discuss if this program is right for you and your career stage.


8 biweekly meetings

4-month program

2 personal assessments (DiSC and Energy Leadership Index)

1 private coaching session

Ongoing learning content access and personal growth assignments


Four monthly installments of $198 or $633 one-time.