The Woman’s Compass to Leading in the 21st Century

A Live Virtual Program

Leading yourself as a woman in the 21st century is about more than”being the CEO of your own life”.  It’s about finding clarity on your Why, getting intentional about your How, and connecting with Who you want to be as you navigate this rapidly transforming world.  

In this four-week series, you will gain critical insights into yourself as a leader–insights that will help you lead with authentic strength, inspire you and give you the tools to make lasting changes to how you live and lead.  All while connecting with a network of women seeking the same kind of change in their lives.  The program begins Wednesday, October 20th, 7 to 8pm, and will meet for a total of four sessions, finishing on Wednesday, November 10th.  

Participants will receive tools and group coaching that:

☑️Increase resilience

☑️Inspire and connect with your unique purpose

☑️Improve effectiveness in building trust and conflict resolution 

☑️An action plan that is inspiring and manageable

☑️Insights that will stay with you for life

☑️Connection with other women who want to be inspired, inspiring, and make a positive impact in our world of constant change

 Get in on this low introductory fee of $45 for the entire program!  

Can’t wait to see you there!

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