Private Leadership & Career Coaching

Think, for a moment, about the greatest leader you know…

Maybe they are inspiring, decisive, and visionary.  Maybe they are humble, authentic, and collaborative.

Regardless of their style, there is one thing great leaders have in common:

The desire to keep growing.

Great leaders know: they couldn’t do it without a great coach.

You are meant to keep growing.  Let’s get there faster, together.


In our four-month coaching engagement, together we will:

Unearth: Get to the bottom of it.  What’s currently standing in the way of your best leadership and most fulfilling career?

Strengthen your root system: Develop strategies that help you to be resilient, authentic, and confident in all that you do.  

Boost your growth: Things really accelerate once you’ve removed those obstacles and developed a plan that’s true to you.


8 private coaching sessions

4-month commitment

2 personal assessments (DiSC and Energy Leadership Index)

Ongoing content access and flexible between-session activities to suit your unique needs

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It was truly mind-boggling the way she was able to shift from big-picture thinking to bespoke, applicable solutions.  I will take the insights and ideas that I gained through my work with Wendy with me throughout the rest of my career.

Leadership Coaching Client