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The Advocate Profile:

As an Advocate, you have a strong sense of what’s wrong and what’s right and you’re not afraid to stand up for it. You draw inspiration and energy from that deep conviction and evoke new thinking in others.

But sometimes it may be hard to know which battles are worth fighting and the result can be a feeling of futility or burnout. Also, your strong point of view may intimidate others from sharing their insights and so you may occasionally miss important information that might alter your point of view.

Your Best Resilience Strategies:

Take the (really) long view. While your passion and conviction drive you to pursue big change fast, the reality is that the ideals you are working towards are more of a North Star than a point on a map. The best leaders in social movements understand they are part of a multi-generational effort. When you start to feel frustrated or burned out, take time to restore your energy and reignite your passion. It’s against your nature to give up the fight, and any effort to change your basic nature will further deplete you. But you can create a more sustainable way to carry on advocating for what’s right.

Choose your battles. Once people spot the Advocate around them, they are more than happy to use you as a shield for their own battles. And since you don’t shy away from a debate or conflict, and you love helping people get to what’s right for them, you may find yourself picking up more battles than you have time for. Identify three things worth fighting for and think twice about allowing yourself to be drawn into other arenas.

Look for the validity in the other point of view. One thing that can drain the energy of the Advocate is the intoxication of certainty, not just that you are right, but that others are wrong. The truth is rarely that black and white. If you find yourself locked in internal mind chatter about someone else being wrong or having deep intellectual or character defects, interrupt yourself and ask “What might they be right about?” Or, “Where might they have a valid point?”

You have so much to offer as an Advocate. Being aware of your strengths and gaps is just the beginning of your journey as a resilient leader. Keep an eye on your inbox and I’ll share with you yet more ways to strengthen your resilience so you can sustainably and authentically share your gifts as a leader. Keep fighting the good fight!

I know that navigating these challenging times as a leader can make you feel a little…

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With a few simple shifts, you can become a truly resilient leader who can give your all, for the long run.  The best is yet to come!

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