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We are always changing and so is the world around us.  

In fact, this world will never move slower than it does today.

Doesn’t that take your breath away a little?  

In today’s world, to succeed as a leader and thrive as a human requires a new mindset.  A new approach.  

Explore this page for free videos, downloadable guides, workbooks and articles.  All of these are designed especially for women leading and living in today’s changing world.


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The Untapped Power of Networking for Women

The Untapped Power of Networking for Women

When I was in corporate, I used to hate networking. Although I knew that it was important, I thoroughly neglected my network.  I had plenty of great colleagues, and I was busy.  I didn’t see the need for networking. I didn’t have time for it.    I didn't realize what...

Has Quiet Quitting Killed Delegation?

Has Quiet Quitting Killed Delegation?

I attended a talk recently on delegation, during which I happily absorbed some handy tips on the subject.  Long touted as an effective tool for the busy manager, delegation offers the elusive “win-win”.   When done correctly, it provides a way...

The Diminishing Returns of Preparation

The Diminishing Returns of Preparation

Does this sound familiar to you at all?  A senior manager is asked to create a presentation that will be delivered during a meeting with the CEO next week.  This manager will not be at the meeting.  She is given some basic guidelines and an aggressive deadline.  She...

Leadership Uplift Workbook Series

This custom-built, powerful series of workbooks is inspired by clients’ top career questions:

  • When should I move on from my current role?  Navigate Your Career Crossroads with Clarity
  • How do I negotiate more effectively? Negotiate with Power and Confidence
  • What can I do to communicate more effectively with challenging colleagues?  Constructive Conversations with Your Most Difficult Colleagues


    All Things Change Weekly Live Series 

    Wendy’s weekly livestream broadcast about being a woman leading in today’s changing world.  You can join Wendy weekly on LinkedIn to catch the live conversations Tuesdays at 12pm ET, as well as watch some of them right here.

    The 5 L’s to Lead and Succeed Through Change Video Series

    The problem with change management tools is that they tend to be isolated to one change—static and one-dimensional.  

    But our actual experience with change is dynamic, fluid, and always in flux.  

    Before you turn to your change/project management model, you need to get these five foundational elements locked down to succeed as a leader in today’s changing world:

    • Lead Yourself
    • Love Your Team
    • Leverage Strong Relationships
    • Live in Resilience
    • Level Up Your Career

    Each short video is packed with valuable information and at least one takeaway or exercise you can do on your own to strengthen your 5 L’s. Add your information below to receive access.