If you’re feeling a little less than inspired these days, it’s understandable.  It’s a time of year when our energy can be depleted by the scurrying and scramble to tie the year up with a bow in so many ways.  Inspiration may feel out of reach.

And the last couple of years has been…unique.  Many of us have expressed that the years have been blurring together.  It flies by or stands still.  

So if you are feeling a bit out of sorts, it’s normal.  But we all need that spark that gives us a sense of purpose, fun, or magic.  

Here are 5 tips to help you get inspired.  

1. Do nothing.  

In our go-go-go world, we can get caught in a spiral of moving quickly and needing to keep up—with everything.  When you start to feel the world is moving too fast and you are scrambling to keep up, it’s hard to feel inspired.  But there is a way to slow down your experience with time.  Take five minutes and do nothing.  Work your way up to 10.  To 15.  Your brain needs a break from all the information thrown in front of it all day long.  Let a little air in and you will be surprised what inspiration arises in the space you have just created.  

2. Go on an Artist’s Date. 

Inspired by Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, an Artists’ Date is an appointment with yourself to connect with what is calling you at that moment.  There are a range of things you can do on your Artist’s Date and some things to avoid as well.   This is true alone time.  So it is not a time to invite a friend or spouse along, or a pet.  No social media or phone calls, either.  What to do on your Artist’s Date?  

  • A walk through your neighborhood or in the woods, with a camera in hand (smartphone is ok, but put it in Do Not Disturb mode).  
  • Go to a museum
  • Take yourself to lunch or leisurely coffee
  • Color in an adult coloring book
  • Listen to some new music
  • Garden

The idea is that it feels good to do whatever you are doing, you are doing it by yourself, and you are free from distraction.

3. Play.  

You’ve heard it by now but it is worth repeating: adults need playtime too!  It’s not always easy for adults to play.  We more or less have had it conditioned out of us.  But kids aren’t the only ones who benefit from free fun time.  It can be especially hard for those who played sports but whose days on the field are behind them due to what their bodies are now capable of.  But if an intramural sports team isn’t for you, for whatever reason, consider options like:

  • Playing with your pet
  • Trying a new hobby
  • Taking a lesson in something creative
  • Try something new with a friend or partner
  • Dance around the house

4. Practice random acts of spontaneity.  

Sometimes our soul calls out to us to do something just a little different.  Before you squash it down summarily with a big old party-pooping “NO”, ask yourself if there is really a compelling reason to deny your urge to try something different.  Even better, just change your default response to Yes and say no as the exception. 

5. Connect with inspiring people.  

Make a mental list of the people you spend the most time with.  How many of them inspire you?  Who inspires you that you would like to spend more time with?  Getting exposed to people you admire and enjoy is a great way to get inspired.  It helps you see the world from a new perspective.  

The idea here is to keep it light and easy. You don’t need yet another obligation to add to your to-do list. Inspiration can’t be treated like another task to complete. But the beauty of it is, it turns up if you clear enough space for it to enter.

As for me?  As I was writing this post, I remembered something I have wanted to do for a while now, which is take a pottery class.  Normally I try to stay laser-focused while writing, but in the spirit of fun, spontaneity and inspiration, I decided to take a short break from writing to look up some classes.  It turns out there are a few options in my area and now I know what I’ll be doing this winter!

Wendy Hultmark, CPC, CLDS, ELI-MP is a coach who helps women in leadership flip the script for today’s changing world, define success their way, and make a real impact.

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