Yours is already a success story.  

You have crafted a career, maybe raised a family, been a loving spouse, or daughter.  And you have done it in a world where double standards and contradictions continue to prevail; one where we feel a gravitational pull to be everything to everyone.  A world where our deep-rooted desire to please others can derail many a dream. 

And yet, you have accomplished so much already.  

I mean, dang.  

What you have done with what you have available is pretty amazing.

But if somehow, that doesn’t seem like enough–like you are failing, or have started going through the motions, and if you are still reading this blog in today’s world of a 5-second attention span, then there is a different question today.  

A question as to whether the version of success you have achieved is the right one for you moving forward.  

The question today is, does your definition of success today still fit tomorrow?

The question today is, have you outgrown that definition of success?  

The question to ask yourself today is, have I started going through the motions?

Build Your Success Strategy

What the next chapter of your success story needs is a success strategy.  

I’d love to be able to tell you tips and tricks to build your success strategy.  But one thing I’ve learned is that the sea of tips and tricks is indeed a shallow pond.

Your success strategy will look different from mine, and different from the woman sitting next to you.  

But here is one tip you’ll want to hang onto.  

You see, most strategies will identify what you need to do in order to achieve your vision.

Your success strategy, on the other hand, is based upon who you are being while you are doing the things that need doing.

Three Questions to Ask Yourself

If you are going through the motions these days, here are three questions you can ask yourself.

What would be different for me if I showed up differently while doing what I do?

What am I not expressing fully through my work and interactions today?

What do I have to give that I am not giving or am too tired to give right now?

The answers to these three questions build the path to your success strategy–the strategy that will ensure that the next chapter builds strength upon strength.  And whose main character (hey, that’s you) is ever wiser, more inspired, and ready to contribute at new levels.  

Wendy Hultmark is a leadership coach who helps successful women stay that way. To learn more, visit